Web Development

Website design and mobile website development is a specialty of Local Matters Digital, our team has the experience necessary to build a lead generating, product selling, service providing tool for your business. Our unique offering consists of front end design, website structure, functionality, content creation and user interface design and is the pinnacle of Janesville’s only full service digital agency.

Website Design

web designLocal Matters Digital uses an industry leading approach to assist our team in discovery, analysis, and proposal.  Discussions will happen to assist our project managers in understanding what type of content will be used in the site, then more discussions will determine how that information will be best structured for SEO and user experience. Wireframes are then developed to show basic layout and functionality locations within the content system. Once all of the content is received and structured the user interface “look and feel” can be developed, followed by any changes and/or adjustments to the coding. Then we will move toward a website launch, invariably we will run into changes not within the original plan, and thus the need for flexibility and possibly a multi-phased project launch. Local Matters Digital will collaborate with you and your team to build you a high quality business generating web application. This application will be designed to grow your bottom line by adding new customers and to grow your offering amongst your current customer base.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of web design in the area providing value that is cost conscious and easy to afford, on time, and delivered with the training necessary to help you succeed online.


Professional Looking

SEO Friendly

Technologically Superior

Cost Conscious

On Time

On Budget

The reality is that you can build your business a website for much less expense than you might think and if that website provides a return on the investment, is there really an expense?

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Mobile Web Development

mobile web designMobile websites are the fastest growing segment of the internet today with 20-30% of the visits to any given website coming from a mobile device. This trend is not going to go away any time soon and may eclipse 50% by the end of the year. 60% of mobile applications downloaded today are for retail applications, 80% are business related. Are you in the mobile space? Is your website mobile friendly? Websites today need to be mobile-optimized and structured to have an impact on a small screen with a crystal clear path to conversion. Local Matters Digital is fully educated on mobile user experience and can optimize your mobile application to drive your business.

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