Building or remodeling a home can and should be a pleasurable experience. We at Wyntree Construction feel we have the staff to help you achieve this. If you have a complete set of plans, a sketch, or only an idea, we can help you create or remodel a home that will meet you and your family’s needs and that you can be excited about. Due to our flexibility, you have the opportunity to be involved in every phase of the project or you can choose to let us do all the work for you.

We pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship, from our “in house” carpentry crew to our subcontractors, to the materials we use. Since our incorporation in 1988, our extensive experience as custom 2nd home builders has led us to developing systems for making the selection process as effortless as possible for you. This method results in a much smoother job and quicker construction time. If you are considering building a custom home or remodeling your current home, we look forward to meeting with you and helping you in your construction needs