On a “bet” from one of my closest friends, I was told that because of my attention to detail and taste for that “perfect looking lawn,” that I would make a great landscaper. I took my friend up on the challenge and created a hydroseeding division on my existing business, then I started installing irrigation systems and it just grew from there, to a point where I needed an identity and a name for this company…..thus Ultragreen was born.

We have done simple little garden watering systems to elaborate hospital and wellness complexes, to donating our services for the installation of irrigation systems at our local baseball parks. We have graded and hydroseeded projects as large as 16 acres, and as small as repairing bare spots on residential and commercial properties.

We are a full service irrigation and seeding company with a very knowledgeable and caring staff. We would like to think each customer, large or small, becomes part of a growing family. We often spend several moments each day getting to know more about our clients and their lives. Its what we live for!