Internet marketing experience is hard to find, Local Matters Digital understands that a website with no traffic doesn’t impact your bottom line in a positive way. Being found today on the top search engines is hugely important and so is being visible on social sites, mobile apps, and in relevant directories. Internet marketing plays an ever growing part in e-commerce, as well as lead generation in all of today’s business models. Local Matters Digital has the extensive level of experience you can rely on to market your business today and for the future.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Management

Paid Search on Google AdWords

and other relevant search and display networks.

Mobile Targeting

Behavioral Targeting

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Talk to us when you know you need online visibility. Local Matters Digital is a powerhouse where the rubber meets the road in terms of local online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

seo_image“Search engine optimization is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. When viewed individually, these changes might seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and performance in organic search results.” — Google from the article on webmaster blog on how to optimize for Google.

Local Matters Digital uses the latest search engine optimization techniques and search engine algorithm information in order to assist your website in local and regional search engine results pages. Your standard and mobile website will be optimized to be listed ahead of the competition, and in conjunction with other forms of online marketing, your site(and business) will actually gain market share due to taking over page one real estate from competitors.

In the past Google’s first page would account for more than 90% of all clicks for any given search. Today that number is less due to the diluted nature of search results, however that first page listing can greatly improve not only traffic numbers but also the number of targeted vistors who truly are interested in your product or service. Search Engine Optimization is a specialty for Local Matters Digital, contact us to see how this may have an impact to your bottom line.

Paid Search (PPC)(SEM)

pay-per-click-ppcPaid search results often appear in premium locations on search engine results pages, these results subsequently see the most number of clicks for people looking for information on the search term entered. This method of marketing is called Search Engine Management and Local Matters Digital has extensive experience in this method of online marketing. Managing search can be a complex affair, however studies have shown that with good campaign management skills and knowledge of a clients business this method can be highly productive in providing the client with traffic to their website, store, and calls.

Paid search campaigns can consist of display advertizing, behaviorally targeted campaigns, search ads, and targeted placements, or any combination of the above. These campaigns are then executed on Google’s Adwords platform as well as BING/YAHOO and other media networks.

Paid search can be profitable when done correctly, Local Matters Digital will assist in creating a mix of paid components that will improve your ROI.