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Sales Executive - Fox Valley

As someone who has passions for creating growth and helping people, I always knew helping businesses grow was my calling. I enjoy the challenge in getting the absolute best results for my clients. With this motivation, I went on to get an Associate Degree in Marketing and a Digital Marketing Certificate. So, I bring a solid foundation of knowledge to the table.

My commitment to clients goes beyond knowledge and being growth-oriented — it's about authenticity. I take pride in being genuine yet professional, and I seamlessly incorporate this authenticity into every client interaction. Outside the realm of marketing, you'll find me enjoying the great outdoors. I am an enthusiast of adventures, whether it's hiking through scenic trails, exploring new destinations, or simply enjoying quality time surrounded by nature. I am also an avid animal lover, having two dogs, many fish, and a rabbit! My genuinity and love for life, along with passion for helping creates a balanced blend that is perfect for growing businesses!


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