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Denise S
Denise Strandell

Inside Sales - Watertown

As a customer service and inside sales professional for quite some time, I have been able to enjoy helping customers, family and friends alike.  I feel that assisting others ties in with all facets of life and helps all of us reach our desired goals.  It is of utmost importance to me to build those personal connections, that can go beyond simply assisting someone and can build genuine relationships.
Whether I am assisting a customer in circulation, front desk or establishing sales, it is so important to have a “go to” to provide customers with the reassurance that they are being taken care of.
I also tie this into my volunteer opportunities with several organizations in the Watertown area and feel I am very blessed to have these opportunities.  I strive to be creative in building these connections, based on not only my career, but  the hobbies and interests I am so enthusiastic about.


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